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Band Options

There are two options with the Acoustic Duo


Two Acoustic Guitars

With this set up the sound is much 'fuller' and the guitarists are then free to solo and harmonise off each other. This is a popular option as an alternative to the 'solo set' I do. We are able to play both background and party music however I do recommend that we use a drummer to get more people up dancing!


3 hrs - $1800

4 hrs - $2000

Guitar and Drums (*most popular option)

In this set up it is me on guitar and vocals and my drummer playing behind. Dependent on the demand of the gig my drummer can play with brushes (dampened sound) or sticks (loud and full). In this set up we are able to play both cruisy background music and faster dancy music all night. 


3 hrs - $1800

4 hrs - $2000


Three Piece Acoustic Band

This set up has a little more depth again. The beauty of this is that we can perform guitar solo's and harmonise with another singer during the songs. 

3 hrs - $2000

4 hrs - $2200


Rates above are for the specified time only

(if you want combinations check out our packages)

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